Super Mario Bros. theme Harmonica Notes

About The Song
Song: Super Mario Bros. theme (सुपर मारिओ ब्रोस थीम)
Artist: Koji Kondo
Song Facts: The “Super Mario Bros. theme”, officially known as the “Ground Theme” is a musical theme originally heard in the first stage of the Nintendo Entertainment Systemvideo game Super Mario Bros. It was one of six themes composed for Super Mario Bros. by acclaimed Mario and The Legend of Zelda series composer Koji Kondo, who found it to be the game’s most difficult track to compose. The theme has a calypso rhythm and usually receives a corresponding orchestration in games whose sound synthesizers can imitate steel drums.

Super Mario Bros Harmonica Notes

Numbered Notes

Numbered Super Mario Bros. theme Harmonica Notes

5   -5      6   -6      5   6   6   -6      
5   -5      6   -6      -7      -7      -6      6   

-4      5   -5      6   -4      5   5   -5      
-4      5   -5      6   -6      -6      6   -5      

5   -5      6   -6      5   6   6   -6      
5   -5      6   -6      -7      -6      

6   -6      -7      7   -8      -6      -7      7   -8      7   
-8      8   8   7   6   -7,      -7      -6      
6   -6      -7      7   -8      -6      -7      7   -8      8   7   

Western Notes

Western Super Mario Bros. theme Harmonica Notes

E     F     G     A     E     G     G     A     
E     F     G     A     B     B     A     G     

D     E     F     G     D     E     E     F     
D     E     F     G     A     A     G     F     

E     F     G     A     E     G     G     A     
E     F     G     A     B     A     

G     A     B     C     D     A     B     C     D     C     
D     E     E     C     G     B,     B     A     
G     A     B     C     D     A     B     C     D     E     C     

Indian Notes

Indian Super Mario Bros. theme Harmonica Notes

Ga   Ma   Pa   Dha   Ga   Pa   Pa   Dha   
Ga   Ma   Pa   Dha   Ni   Ni   Dha   Pa   

Re   Ga   Ma   Pa   Re   Ga   Ga   Ma   
Re   Ga   Ma   Pa   Dha   Dha   Pa   Ma   

Ga   Ma   Pa   Dha   Ga   Pa   Pa   Dha   
Ga   Ma   Pa   Dha   Ni   Dha   

Pa   Dha   Ni   Sa   Re   Dha   Ni   Sa   Re   Sa   
Re   Ga   Ga   Sa   Pa   Ni,   Ni   Dha   
Pa   Dha   Ni   Sa   Re   Dha   Ni   Sa   Re   Ga   Sa   

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