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Most beginners need notes to play the harmonica as they are new they start in one form. It can be Sargam the Indian form of harmonica notes, Cdefgab the Western form of harmonica notes or the numbered form. Now the main problem arises when they try to search a song in the form they want and they get in the another form they don’t understand. Even if they understand it takes too much hard work and time to convert harmonica notes from one form to another form. We at harmonica arena understand your problem so we have made a tool especially for you, where you can convert harmonica notes from one form to another form very easily just in the blink of an eye. We will be continue improving this tool time to time based on your suggestion to bring you the best of the best. We are certain that this tool will make your life easier, and help to get most of your time and harmonica. 🙂

Harmonica Notes Converter HarmonicaArena.com

How to use Harmonica Notes Converter?

  1. Select and copy the notes you want to convert.
  2. Enter the notes below in harmonica notes converter box.
  3. Hit the convert it button.

It is as simple as that, just follow three simple steps. 😀

Do not enter the lyrics or song in the harmonica notes converter box, harmonica notes converter converts harmonica notes line by line so enter only one line from the notes at once if you don’t want to get confused. May be in future you can enter the songs/lyrics too but it will completely depend on the  response I will get from you. 😛

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