Harmonica Almanac – October 27

U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was born on this day in 1858. Roosevelt is said to have been a harmonica player.

Blues harmonica player Arthur “Peg Leg Sam” Jackson taught himself how to play the harmonica when he was nine, though he might have taken some lessons from local blues player Elmon Bell. Jackson’s career spanned from the early 1920’s until his death on this day in 1977.

Vaudeville harmonica player Ray Tankersley died on this day in 2008. Ray was a member of the Harmonica Rascals during the 1930’s, then was a part of Johnny Puleo’s secret band in 1942. During World War Two he worked for the Regan Harmonica Company.

That’s it for today. Have fun and practice!

Pete Krampert

Pete Krampert

I am the author of "The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica", which is still available on the internet in limited edition.

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