Harmonica Almanac – November 25

Folk singer-songwriter, banjo and harmonica player Derroll Adams was born on this day in 1925. Adams began playing harmonica while he was in his teens and during his career he managed to work with Woodie Guthrie, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Donovan and many other Folk music legends.

Blues singer guitar, piano and harmonica player Jimmy Johnson Came from a musical family that came to Chicago in the early 1950’s. He began recording in 1975 and has done several albums of his music. Johnson was born on this day in 1928.

Blues harmonica player Jerry Portnoy was born on this day in 1943. Jerry grew up in Chicago’s Maxwell Street Neighborhood, where he came in contact with the city’s Blues players. He ultimately played in the Muddy Waters Band, on several solo projects, Eric Clapton’s band and many other projects.

Blues piano and harmonica player Little Willy Foster learned to play the harmonica from Bug Walter Horton and by the 1950’s he was playing with many of Chicago’s Blues giants. He made his first recordings in 1954, but had to drop out of music for a while because he was shot and paralyzed. He recovered and returned to music. Foster died on this day in 1987.

That’s it for today. Have fun and practice!

Pete Krampert

Pete Krampert

I am the author of "The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica", which is still available on the internet in limited edition.

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