Harmonica Almanac – November 22

Blues piano and harmonica player Whistlin’ Alex Moore was born on this day in 1899. He began playing the harmonica when he was sixteen and after serving in World War One he settled in Dallas, Texas, where he began working professionally in music.

Blues singer-songwriter, bass and harmonica player Angela Strehli is a fixture in the Austin, Texas music scene. She was the first artist to be signed to the Antone’s label and has released several albums of her music as well as working with several other Blues artists. Strehli was born on this day in 1945.

Rock singer, guitar and harmonica player Jason Ringenberg was born on this day in 1958. Ringenberg founded the band, Jason and the Scorchers, who were leading proponents in the “cow-punk” style of music. They’ve recorded several albums and Ringenberg has recorded some solo albums of his own.

That’s it for today. Have fun and practice!

Pete Krampert

Pete Krampert

I am the author of "The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica", which is still available on the internet in limited edition.

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