Harmonica Almanac – February 7

Rock harmonica player Jimmy Zavala was born on this day in 1955. He’s worked primarily as a studio player with such artists as Eric Burdon, Carole King, Edgar Winter and his harmonica solo on the Eurythmics “Missionary Man” is a classic.
Blues harmonica player Noah Lewis taught himself how to play the harmonica as a child growing up in Tennessee. He began playing for tips on the streets of Memphis when he was seventeen and was part of Cannon’s Jug Stompers. Lewis died as a consequence of frostbite on this day in 1961.
Country singer, guitar and harmonica player Pie Plant Pete died on this day in 1988. He usually played the harmonica on a neckbrace, calling it his “Two-cylinder cob crusher”. He worked on the radio from 1927 until the late 1950’s.
That’s it for today. Have fun and practice!

Pete Krampert

Pete Krampert

I am the author of "The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica", which is still available on the internet in limited edition.

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